Starting January 8th, our local body of believers will be going through RENEW, a “spiritual emphasis that reminds Northridge of the serious nature of church membership,” exploring what it means to be a church member. Hopefully, each one of us will be able to renew our commitment to live out in practical ways the following:

  • Protecting the unity of our church.

  • Sharing the responsibility of our church.

  • Serving the ministry of our church.

  • Supporting the finances of our church.

  • Enhancing the testimony of our church.

Remember, our goal through this time of renewal is to, “proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.” 1 Peter 2:9


As part of the RENEW process, we will also begin a new sermon series on Sunday mornings based on Thom Rainer's book "I Will! - Nine Traits of the Outwardly Focused Christian." We encourage you to join us for this very special time in the life of our church!



On Sunday nights starting January 8th we will spend six weeks in the book of Job. Have you ever felt broken? Have you ever wondered why? Job’s story is often our story. Yet, even in the midst of pain and suffering, we can trust in the power of our creator.



Join us throughout the month of January during our Wednesday night series which highlights what Jesus meant by the phrase “kingdom of heaven” or “kingdom of God,” and what our role in it is as Christians.

For many believers, salvation is simply a “bus ticket,” and they think it doesn’t matter what they do while they wait for the bus. But Jesus teaches that the kingdom of heaven is here, right now, and seeking it should be the top priority of our lives.


On February 11, from 3:30-6:30, Northridge Baptist will host a Truth Be Told painting party.

To register click here.

•Date and Time: February 11 3:30-6:30 PM
Northridge Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
2360 Gray Hwy.,
Macon, GA 31211

Here's how it works:
•Cash will not be collected at the party.
•Just show up! You don't need to bring a thing.
•We have many verses formatted in our unique TBTA font!

The majority chose the cup design so this is the design we will paint this time. (Click on the registration link to see the design) Think about where you want to hang your painting? Think on this now and you'll have an easier time choosing around 4 colors at the party!

•Accidents sometimes happen! Wear comfy clothing that won't be ruined if paint gets on them.
•Please be on time. You can come a few minutes early if you want to pick out your colors and be ready!

Look forward to seeing you on February 11!


 Important Updates!





We are partners with Tapestry Church in Atlanta as they reach the city for Christ. To find out more about the church plant and what they are doing click here.  You can also check them out on FB.